Why we are building Teledgers

To solve the unsolvable

  • privacy

    Data Privacy Challenges

    The telecom business is an increasingly data rich segment and so are the rapid development tools to exploit user data. MNO’s are caught between user’s desire for privacy and increasing regulatory demands for retention and access of data.

  • data-security

    Data security Challenges

    Subscribers data is a valuable resource both for the MNO’s and for a wide range of potential partners looking to provide value-added services.With millions of customers sharing their personal identity and financial details,it becomes essential to safeguard such information.

  • audit

    Audit governance Challenges

    To ensure proper adherence to the law and compliances of applicable provisions, telecom companies need to be assessed and examined through proper audits. Inspection of financial statements determines the implementation of instructions and monitor subscriber verification by service provider.

  • data-sharing

    Distributed data sharing Challenges

    Blockchains that are based on Proof-of-Work protocols are highly inefficient at scale. Mining requires high computing power which contributes to high energy consumption needed to run the network

  • organized

    Unified consent Challenges

    The current laws aim to strengthen the privacy of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and give the user the power to manage its shareability. Hence, it is solely dependent on the subscriber to decide their willingness to give consent to share or deny access to their PII data or revoke their prior consent at any given point of time.