Learning about the Commercial Communication Ecosystem

Ilesha Pratik 0

The Commercial Communication Ecosystem is governed using blockchain technology known as DLT and the whole panel is interlinked with each other.

There are different types of entities involved in the process.

Principal Entity

It comprises the primary entity who is sending SMS to its customers. It could be an individual, partnership firm, or any private and government entity.

As per the updated TRAI rules every entity has to be registered with the telecom operators in the DLT platform.

End Customer

The end customer is the mobile subscriber who will receive the SMS. It requires consent from them for receiving promotional SMS from any business.

The end customer can set preferences, register complaints, and unsubscribe at any time.

Service Provider

Bulk SMS service providers are the ones who provide this service to organizations or companies.

Every service provider needs to be registered on the DLT platform to send messages on behalf of the principal entity.

Telecom Operators

These are the access providers or aggregators who are directly connected to TRAI and help in the regulation process. Example: Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, etc.


The governing body or Regulatory compliance is established by the regulator, i.e TRAI. It’s duty is to carry out audits and govern the operations to safeguard customers’ interests and prevent fraudulent practices.

Register As A Telemarketer Or Enterprise

The DLT platform lets you register as a Telemarketer or Enterprise. If you deal with customers and communicate with them through SMS you’re most probably a telemarketer. Telemarketers are two types;

  • Telemarketer Aggregator: It is not directly connected with the telecom operator. Could be an individual or company.
  • Telemarketer Delivery: Collects SMS/voice traffic from enterprises. Has a direct connection with telecom operators.

Telemarketers are the main source of sales for many companies. The most common form of telemarketing is outbound sales, where businesses need to communicate with customers through SMS or voice.

Therefore it is essential to register in the DLT platform as a Telemarketer to send promotional and transactional messages.

On the other hand, Enterprises are businesses that deal with products or services that would like to connect with leads through SMS to increase their sales.

6- points

  • Entity registration
    Registers data of all business entities that avail massage and voice services to mobile subscribers.
  • Header registration
    They authenticate the brand identity of an enterprise and serve to be a crucial component in the ecosystem.
  • Consent registration
    Each template is identified with its own unique reference code against which the consent is stored.
  • Content template registration
    They comprise of the original message/ voice templates that are delivered to the customers.
  • Complaints registration
    We provide real-time complaint registration and resolution facility for an unparalleled customer experience.
  • Preference registration
    User preferences are of utmost importance and are hence stored in the most secure way possible so that nothing leaks out of the DLT ecosystem.
  • Scrubbing-as-a-service
    A flexible solution to suit the requirements of operators according to the Codes of Practice.